German-Polish Gardens in Warsaw

The Rotary Club Berlin-Zitadelle/Germany is proud do present an international cooperation:
“Impressions of the beautiful, currently Covid-19 caused nearly untouched German-Polish Gardens in the capital city of Warsaw/PL. The project was initiated 2016 jointly by the German embassy and the City of Warsaw to re-vitalize an open space within the Polish capital. It succeeded to the 25th anniversary of signing the German-Polish neighborship agreement in 1991.

Involved are ICC Germany-Poland, ICC Switzerland-Poland, RC Warszawa-Goethe/PL, RC Berlin-Zitadelle/D, RC Berlin-Mickiewicz/D, RC Mettmann /D and RC Magdeburg-Otto-von-Guericke/D, who have supported among others a dynamic and stable green swing and comfy benches in the park.”

Text: Christian Brüggemann, Rotary Club Berlin-Zitadelle
Pictures: courtesy of RC Warszawy-Goethe

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