Looking for partners for a Global Grant in Kenya/Africa

The Rotary Club Berlin-Zitadelle/Germany together with the local host club Rotary Club Bungoma Magharibi/Kenya are planning to implement a Global Grant in Kenya/Africa in the city of Kakamega in cooperation with the “Trust Alakara Medical Training Centre”.
In collaboration with German and international Rotary Clubs a sum of 40,000 USD shell be collected in order to offer in Kakamega near Lake Victoria in East Kenya the education of dental assistants and dental technicians. The region has high youth unemployment and a huge deficit in dental services.

We are projecting a central education centre for the theoretical courses held by German dentists as well as available local community Oral Health Officers.

At the same time it is planned in addition to acquire two dental units to have the opportunity to treat needy inhabitants of that region.

Local project lead Ms. Steffi Schatz (PHD) from Rotary Club Bungoma Magharibi has proved her qualification to implement such a project since she has successfully founded the Children’s Home Alakara in the area of Teso South/Kenya, also supported by the Rotary Club Berlin-Zitadelle. Kids and juveniles of that home shell also benefit from the projected dental health centre to be able to live a self-determined life in their future.

The Rotary Club Berlin-Zitadelle is represented by Mr Stefan Knaut as the Club President. For this planned Global Grant both Rotary Clubs in Germany and Kenya are looking for Rotarian partners, who are interested in joining a highly needed and relevant international health-project in East Africa. Please contact: Stefan-Knaut@t-online.de.

Text und Fotos: Christian Brüggemann, Rotary Club Berlin-Zitadelle

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