Adventskalender: 10. Dezember

Charity Art Auction: Rotaract Club Berlin-International

Todays post of our advent calender is in english – for the first time ever – as Rotaract Club Berlin-International is the first english speaking club in District 1940. In October, only a few months after chartering, the Rotaract Club  Berlin International  organized its very first charity art auction „Atelier 15“, selling art works from artists of the Gitschiner 15. The Gitschiner 15 is a social-integrative institution that gives homeless people and people in need a place to come together and unfold their creative potential. The aim of this project was captured in its motto: #bvisible and make the inspiring artists and their artwork visible by the public.

Through the support of the Rotary Family, hard teamwork, and passion, the club was not only able to raise and donate 7500 euro, but give the artists a feeling of deep appreciation for their work — something very valuable in times of hardship. After this overwhelming success, BI‘s members are looking forward to the next projects ahead that will contribute to our society and bring us all closer as a community.

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