Vorstellung NGSE Team 2018 aus Gujarat

Ab 8. Juni heißen wir das NGSE Team 2018 aus Gujarat in unserem Distrikt willkommen. Dürfen wir vorstellen:

Megha Manish Mehta

My name is Megha. I am a Company Secretary by profession, currently interning in a reputed company and will be giving my Chartered Accountancy final exams in May 2018. I am also pursuing Cost Accountancy and Bachelors in Law. I’m mainly interested in business consulting and advisory services! I am talkative, compassionate, love adventure and travelling. Always hunting for the next good book. The kind of person with a simple desire to make the world a better place. I love listening to all kinds of music and might dance a bit. I genuinely want to learn to play the ukulele and learn some good photography skills. Through this exchange, I look forward to work in a Finance/ Legal area. I plan to use this exchange program as an opportunity to unleash my potential and get a whisk of the talent pool and exposure available globally. I am also excited to network, learn new cultures and try my hand at learning German to connect better. I am very much interested in doing some effective social work also, if I get the opportunity that is. I am the President of the Rotaract Club of Vadodara Sayajinagari here and this comes just naturally to me.
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