RYLA 2022

AHOI and Welcome to District 1940!

We are located in the north east of Gemany and would like to invite you to our RYLA 2022…

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RYLA is a 4 day leadership development camp run by Rotary. The programme includes world class speakers, presentations, activities, and workshops covering a variety of topics, including:
    • communication skills
    • individual & team ledearship
    • problem-solving and conflict management
    • community and global citizenship

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    • 10.06. – 13.06. RYLA


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offer support if participants want to extend their stay in Germany. Hamburg/Berlin stay with Rotaractors?

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The online application will be open through 30th March 2022.

After the application has been closed, we will screen all applications and notify participants by 15th April 2022.

RYLA 2022 is mainly sponsored by District 1940. There is a Participant fee of XXX€ and participants are also responsible for their own transportation to and from Stralsund.

Contact your local Rotary Club for sponsoring.

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D1940 RYLA 2022 will take place in Stralsund at the baltic sea coast in the north-east of Germany.

If you arrive by plane, the closest airports are Hamburg (HAM), Berlin (BER) or Rostock-Laage (RLG).

The train from the airport to Stralsund Central Station (Stralsund HBF) should be booked in advance i.e. at www.bahn.de or www.flixtrain.de

A cheap (but slighly slower) alternative is to travel by Flixbus. www.flixbus.de

Please let us know your travel plans so we can pick you up from Stralsund Central Station and get you to the RYLA location.

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Appropriate Clothing 

    • Shirts (several T-shirts, Long Sleeved Shirts or Sweatshirts)
    • Swimsuit & Beach Towel
    • Active Wear Pants
    • Long Pants & Sweats
    • Undergarments, Socks, Athletic Shoes
    • Light Jacket
    • Rain Jacket (we are on a boat!)
    • Extra Pair of Shoes

Sleeping Gear, etc.

    • Sleeping Bag
    • Pillow
    • Sunscreen
    • Bath Towel
    • Flashlight
    • Toiletries (Hair Brush, Tooth Brush/Paste, Shampoo, Chapstick, Insect Repellent, etc.)


    • We are on a boat. It can be cold and windy – prepare for rain & sunshine.
    • RYLA shirts will be given to you and will be worn for all major portions of each day. Pens and notebooks will also be provided.
    • Any MEDICATION you carry must be in containers bearing their prescription. If over-the-counter medicine or vitamins, they must be in readily identifiable containers.
    • proof of vaccination

What NOT to bring:

    • Alcohol, Drugs
    • Covid

Schlafsack etc könnte schwer werden zu transportieren. Können wir im Falle der Fälle aushelfen?

Wir brauchen ein Hygienekonzept!

Travel restrictions imposed by the German Federal Government for certain regions and countries are out of our control. 

We are in close contact with local government and will monitor the situation closely.

If a participant cannot join due to travel restrictions, we will try to fill the open slot with another candidate on the waiting list.

Wer trägt die Kosten?

Wir brauchen ein Hygienekonzept!

Quick, mandatory COVID-19 testing administered at the curb side for all participants, chaperones and speakers, regardless of vaccination status.

Additional testing during the weekend as deemed necessary if anyone exhibits COVID-19 symptoms.

In addition restaurants, the oceanarium and other public areas may require us to wear masks. We expect all participants to follow all COVID prevention measures.

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